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Haven't had much time to go online lately. Just got back from my sister's college graduation and it was so very painful for many reasons:

-The 2 hour drive to get to SD required us to be leave by 9 am to avoid traffic.
-Despite leaving on schedule, we were still stuck in traffic, and so we were late instead of early.
-Apparently the school decided to cram 3 graduations back to back at the same location, so there was a constant stream of traffic being directed in and out of the main school road. This also meant that the first two parking lots were full and we were moving at a snail's pace behind a lot of other cars who were also looking for parking.
-Graduation day is also Moving Out of Dorms yet more car traffic.
-Had to park far down a side road and then run to the field because we were even more late.......and you know what?.......those nice heels that go so well with your new dress is NOT meant for running. By the time we sat down I already had blisters.
-The weather was cloudy and gloomy at 9, there was some light rain on the road, then as soon as we sat down the sun came out and there WAS NO SHADE AT ALL. So for 3 hours we sat with only a half sheet of paper(the program) to try to block out the sun. My chest and the back of my neck and shoulders are now painfully red and tender.
-Out of the 2 cameras and 30 family pictures that were NONE of them were we all looking in the same direction even if you discount blinking and open mouths. SIGHS.

So, one down, one more to go on Friday for my younger brother's high school graduation......this time, I'm bringing a hat.
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